Air Pollution Is Linked to Anxiety in Children

Air pollution is linked to higher occurrences of anxiety among young children in Australia’s most populous state, new research has found.

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Households and schools are prohibited from setting off air conditions that might rise the risk of anxiety disorders, including fine particle pollution, fine particulate matter from traffic fumes or industrial smoke and particles from household fumes.”Fine particulate matter exposure at household level is a major public health issue for young children,” said study co-author Dr. Adrian Holdsworth of the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, in a statement.

Fine particle pollution is a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets that can have a big impact on people’s health.”Fine single molecules are allowed to combine with fine particulate particles or fine particles suspended in a liquid state and this combination can increase the risk of developing anxiety disorders in young children,” he said in the statement.”It can disrupt children’s natural environment in a number of ways, from affecting brain development, digestive processes, sleep, mental health, metabolism and behavior, among other problems,” Dr. Holdsworth explained in the study’s release.