Float Instructions

Float Arrival Instructions


St. Patrick’s Day Float Instuctions

Staging of Floats (lining up for the parade) will begin at 10:30 am in front of the Fort. There can be no decorating of floats on the National Park Property or parking lot. Your float should arrive at the staging point (in front of the fort) ready to go. The National Park Service is not allowing ANY decorating on site.

If floats arrive earlier than 10:30, please “hang out” in one of the many parking lots available, i.e. Gallows Bay fishing area, Canegata Ball Park lot, Golden Rock Shopping Center, etc. The roads will not close until 10:30 am, so please do not clog the streets before-hand.

Kids’ organizations or other pedustrian groups that are marching the parade may stage on the grass of the Fort by the Customs House. They may pull up their cars/trucks to unload, but may not park there. Remember that the roads will not close until 10:30, and so all traffic rules will apply to vehicles.

Convertibles for the queens and other dignitaries should line up by the rest rooms across from the Fort. We are allowed six convertibles.

Donkies, goats and dogs may parade however, their starting point is at the intersection of Church Street and Company Street (behind the St. Pat’s Committee tent). Handlers MUST clean up after their animals. If anyone is parading a horse(s), the animal(s) is required to wear a diaper.

Candy, beads, etc. for the crowds may be thrown ONLY by paraders that are walking alongside (or in front, or behind) their float.

We are asking that the really big floats to come in from the West and to try and time your arrival accordingly (typically, the end of the parade line).

Upon finishing the parade, floats may not park, but must keep moving out of the area. Trucks may pause to let passengers disembark, but must quickly move on. Parked or stopped vehicles create a bottleneck and the parade cannot move forward.

PLEASE, work with us to adhere to these rules. Failure to comply could result in losing the priveledge of using the NPS Fort Christavaern as our starting and ending point of the parade.

Thank You
St. Croix St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee